@bhanusb (5709)
March 8, 2010 1:22am CST
Today is International Women Day. I congratulate all the women friends in myLot. The women in Western countries are now enjoying more freedom. In some fields of professions they are in leading positions. They are showing equal capabilities with men in various fields. But the picture of Asia,Africa and Latin America is quite different. The women of the countries of these continents are the victims of discrimination. They don't get equal wages with fellow men workers. They become mother in early ages. In most of the families fathers are not interested to send their daughters in the schools. They are tortured either by their husbands or by the family members of the husbands. These are the general pictures of these countries. There are exceptions also. These are not countable. My Westerner friends, do you not feel for these poor women? I think you (the women of the West)can do lots for them. At least a campaign throughout the world.
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@bunnybon7 (37906)
• Holiday, Florida
15 Mar 10
i do feel for women around the world that do not have our freedoms here. but mostly it is a mans world and we cant seem to do much about it. some women devote their lives to helping others and trying to make a big difference but im afraid most only make a small wrinkle in these things no matter how hard they try/. thanks for the congrats, bhanusb i can tell that you even as a man really care for women you must be a great son with a good mom.