How many of them use the cell phone @@@

March 8, 2010 4:00am CST
Cell phone make our communication very fast but at same how many of them know it will create some radiation and it is too dangerous for birds.For natural survey there are 1200 birds die per country.By using headset in the phone create bacteria in our ear,so take care please.Do you know anything like share your ideas
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• China
8 Mar 10
There are always pros and cons when we face with pending decisions.To do or not to do a thing mainly depends on what we gain and what we lose.As far as I'm concerned,using cell phone has already become a part of our life.I cannot stand for a single day without my cell phone ringing or receiving texts. You are right.We need to pay attention on enviromental protection and also health of our own.I guess it puts more stress on the technology developers.I hope there can be better solutions for the problems you mentioned.