What is the Role Eastern Europe is Playing in Maintaining Stability of EU Area?

March 9, 2010 3:42am CST
For a long time,eastern European countries are where the investment money from western ones are going to.During the financial turnmoil,rather than demanding for more bailout money from their western counterparts,what else can people do to maintain the stability of Euro and the European Union.
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• Romania
19 Jul 10
I live in Eastern Europe...and i am agree that we can not invest the money we receive. We, have great economic problems.But we have that problems in the pat too. During economic crisis 1929-1933 we are very affected. The problem is now we ca not sale our goods, we have a problem in economy, at least in 1929-1933 we sale food and oil but now none invest in agriculture and another problem is that we dont have human resources because many people go to work in Europe but also in U.S.A or Asia.
@xfahctor (14128)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
9 Mar 10
I'm just curious how you feel over all about the creation of the EU. I have talked with a number of other people here and in another forum. The majority of those I spoke with were pretty hard core against it altogether, particularly those from Irleland. There seemed to be a lot of controversy over the Lisbon treaty and many felt it robbed them of their national soviergnty. What are your thoughts?
• United States
9 Mar 10
Holy cow! What a great point you are raising! While the western Europe nations fight with debt and looking for bailouts the nations in the Baltics and the Balkans are patiently moving forward. Maybe they do not have the long history of searching for or thirsting for the material things the western nations do. The Eastern Bloc countries have learned to survive and people there to prosper with little while the folks from Spain and Italy have grown less on production than on debt. When the "Wall" came down and businesses saw the opportunity to bring consumerism to the east (as they are trying to do in China), they jumped at the chance but have not been able to change the culture there quickly and instead find their own debt burden too much. From my seat here in the US I would say that the eastern countries are doing more tahn their part and need only to resist the tug of the past (see Ukraine elections) and try best to maintain their independence and individuality. And know that brighter days are coming. The bible talks of avoiding debt lest you wind up serving two masters. The west will soon have to serve the masters of paying the past and the present, the eastern countries - - if they avoid the tugs of consumerism and nostalgia - - will serve only the present. And that is not such a bad fate after all.