Women's reservation in Lok Sabha and State Assemblies

March 9, 2010 9:04am CST
Today is a historic day in Indian Politics and specially for womens of India. Rajya sabha has passed the 33% reservation bill for womens. The first hurdle is crossed. Now all focus shifts to Lok Sabha. Above lines will make politicians happy who have already made a list of candidates for coming election and the list will have names from politicians family. I believe that this is another bill which will benefit political parties most. Still there will be women fighting for dowry their own, fighting for education, fighting for their voice to be heard at home. I think we should focus more on basic needs for womens which includes EDUCATION as well. what do you think , is this another victory just for the politicians or it will change the life of a women at root level?
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9 Mar 10
Hello, Ajay you are right this is the historic day in indian politics some of the political parties were in favor of this bill and some were opposing this, but finally one of the house passed it, but I suspect that this will change the situations at root level, our politicians are like the TELL OF DOG, whenever a new rule or regulation come in their way they make the hundreds of ways to break that, and may be this will happens with this bill too. but we hope it will work for better things. thanks
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11 Mar 10
I hope this will help underprivileged womens of our country. Hope that womens will think much more about womens.