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@olisaur (1932)
United States
March 9, 2010 5:19pm CST
Don't you think that some things about farting and yelling (not necessarily at the same time) that are just undeniably funny? I have always had a hard time trying not to laugh when people yell at each other, not about serious things of course. And farting- the sounds, the smell, the fact that it was produced by a human being, I think its just all so funny! The other day, this kid was "lighting his farts" (placing a lighter by his rear end right when he farts, so to make the flame fuctuate) and it made a 50-year old father, as well as all his friends in the room laugh.
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• Canada
9 Mar 10
Oh, dont get me giggling now. The sound will have me rolling on the floor. Even if Im at a store and someone farts unexpectedly...most people will try to be polite and pretend they didnt hear it....not me....there I am backing away and giggling like a kid. As for people yelling.....that makes me choke...not sure why but I cant stand it.