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March 9, 2010 6:36pm CST
I love to travel, I wish I could go to the airport and just pick a flight and leave. Its one of my dreams to do it one day. Another dream of mine, Is to live abroad for a year or so. I'm thinking England, I just want to go, find an apartment and get a job and experience it for awhile. I'm still in school but after I really want to just go one day before I settled down with a family. I feel like if I don't I'll regret it forever. My questions to mylotters is this, Have any of you just picked up and moved just because you want to ? or has anyone been to or lived in England or anywhere abroad ? I understand that there is a good chance this may never happen, but right now I'm choosing to believe it will. If not when I am young, after I marry and raise my kids. I'll go with my husband. thanks for your opinions !
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
10 Mar 10
I live in England. I have visited in total fifty different countries so far in my lifetime. At age nineteen I bought a little cottage in a village. I was working at a shipping company. My life seemed lovely and then my home country went into a recession. I ended up being made redundant and I didn't have any luck finding another job. I felt more and more miserable and worried every day. I decided to let my cottage out and go off traveling. I got a working holiday visa for Australia and purchased an airline ticket around the world. I traveled on that fantastic trip for just over one year. I loved it in Australia and wanted to move there permanently. I met a man and fell in love. When my time in Australia came to an end off I went to Asia for some exciting adventures. My Australian boyfriend came over to England and we got married. Then I got pregnant and had our baby son. Sadly we got divorced six years later. My son is now fourteen years old. When I got home from my world trip I decided to become a primary school teacher. I went to university got qualified. I did a long term full time teaching contract and then I went off on a trip to New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. I came home from that trip feeling quite poor. I have got a toddler son and baby daughter now as well as my teenage son. I still go off traveling and this summer I shall be going to Canada on my trip with my two youngest children. Happy traveling.
• United States
10 Mar 10
That sounds amazing, I hope I can do that much traveling after school. I watch the amazing race all the time and I just feel like I want to see everything. No just other countries but the US to . I'm going to california next year after graduation. I really want to take a road trip across the whole country Like a friend of mine did. Thanks so much for sharing !