Danger in my school...

@wigima5 (908)
United States
March 9, 2010 8:23pm CST
Okay. So today and yesterday there was a lot of police by the school, and security within the school increased. Why is this? Because over the past weekend there were 3 fights, and from what I hear one kid got his skull fractured. Now the freshmen class has started a race war in our school. It is now dominicans against whites. This is soooo weird to be happening in my school because I do not think its such a place with all this discrimination. I have tons of friends of all races n cultures n we all get along in this school. But for some reason the freshmen seem to be having problems. There has even been a gang threat, and someone said that they are part of a gang in New york and that they have called in backup and this gang plans to come to my town. Possibly over 50 memebers are to come. Police has been circling our city all day. This is pretty insane and I can't imagine anyone making such a big thing in our small city.
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@advokatku (4037)
• Indonesia
10 Mar 10
difficult to imagine this happening in a school ... I hope those who are involved in the brawl were still able to think clearly, peace is more beautiful and follow the emotional just bring damage. win be ashes, lose be charcoal