How many trains you lost in your life?You are now in your life train?

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@icesmile (7172)
March 10, 2010 2:58am CST
How many trains have passed you by without catching them? Have you ever happen to lose a train of life, a train that, at the time, you consider crucial for your future? A train lost is a failure, a challenge, a game of fate or a simple event in everyone's life? Failure admission to college, a career choice uninspired, removing the person that would be made happy - trains can be lost more in one lifetime. The question continues to grind us is: Why is this happening to me? I will find it again? Or we are going to climb in error on a train that would be. Sometimes we sense and jump on the go, sometimes, go to the destination and realize that I was wrong ... After a while the train is going we realize that was not our train, we would have led to a wrong destination. A train passing through each station once. If you've missed, good loser. You can not fix anything. Go ahead and pray that the good Lord you have at home and guide your steps from now on so that you are and knows little better .. How many trains you lost in your life? Or maybe what was the best train you ever catch it?
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@Lata_45 (219)
• India
10 Mar 10
nice discussion well in my journey many trains i board many i left..... and currently i am on my bestest train journey ever...... yes i have left many trains and even some went away and i was unable to catch them but still i learned many things from my experience...... and best train is where i am right now.. my current life is my best train... because i believe in present rather than past and future
@icesmile (7172)
• Romania
10 Mar 10
Hi Lata, before to start this discussion, i ask myself if people will be agree with me, that in this life , we are just passengers in a train ; train of life. Of course if we catch this train. I mean actions, opportunities, proposals, ideas. Those trains what that stop a little to my right and I ask only once in the eye, raising of the eyebrow." I do, I go up or not?" Until recently and if I do not really go up. And let them pass. I recently got courage, and I still go up. Not all sitting in class 1. May sit and stand. May travel and travel partners the wrong. There are sometimes forced to throw me the go breaking me something. If you are now in right train that is all what a human can do.. Nothing matters, life is so short!!!