MEN HITTING WOMEN...watta u think

March 10, 2010 4:43am CST
even if a woman FIGHTS BACK...with all her might....whatta u think...
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• Philippines
10 Mar 10
Hi there sknsknskn, I was in this kind of situation with my married life. At first, I didn't fight back especially if you will be hit and punch without no reasons, so, you can't be ready of the situation because what you will feel is shocked. But after few years, I was thinking that what I have experienced is not yet the right thing, so, I have learned to fight back. At first, it was just all words of mouth i do but later on I learned to do things that he has been doing to me. When he punched me, I will fight back with a punched, but would give him more reasons to fight back with not just a punched but already punches, so, when he initiate to leave the house to be with another girl, i didn't run after him, because I was very happy to get out of what kind of person he is, right now, I have learned that he has been changing and changing different ladies, sometimes he leaves them, sometimes they leave him. But no regret that been a part of broken marriages, just happy to get out of the hell situation I was in.