rechargeable batteries & charger should be same brand?

@udayrao2 (782)
March 10, 2010 6:14am CST
Can anyone guide me whether I need to have the rechargeable batteries of the same make as the charger?? I have been using a set of AA batteries for a long time for my digital camera now and they seem to be worn out now as they do not show good charging- when I went to buy new rechargeable batteries the retailer told me to buy the battery charger as well ( he did not have the brand I have) which I thought is a waste of money and did not buy; so tell me friends is it really necessary to have the same brand of charger as the batteries or this is just a gimmick to get more sales?
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• Malaysia
11 Mar 10
It does not matter whether the batteries and the charger brand will match, the most important thing is to match the type of batteries you are going to buy with the type of batteries the charger can charge. For example: NiCd or NiMH. I have been using different brand of batteries on the same charger. It works for several years without any problem. Hope this help.
• Puerto Rico
4 Oct 10
I'm with this fellow NiCd or NiMH that is the main difference. Recharge batteries with time star to take less charge so you will need to buy new ones.
@Vann77 (1)
• Brunei Darussalam
13 Oct 10
hello guys, i want to add further question to the initial question. I have an Energizer charger which charges NiMH battery. It has 4 slots for charging AA battery. 2 battery (2000 mAh)came together with the charger of the same brand, Energizer. I have older rechargeables: 2x 2000 mAh GP brand, 2x 2100 mAh Eneloop brand. Can I mix the brands in one charge given that the mAh is the same or can I mix any of them together (2000 mAh and 2100 mAh)?
• India
8 Apr 10
You can use any charges, but it must be from a reputed company, cheap ones can cause damage... Thanks for this nice post, cheers God bless you. Prof
• United States
25 Mar 10
I don't know what would be wrong with it. One thing though, make sure they are rechargeable batteries if you try to recharge regular batteries it might explode! That would not be good!