@umit_umit (1986)
March 10, 2010 6:42am CST
lotters,what all we can see with our Third Eye?or scientifically it has been named as The Pineal Gland!It has been said that, when it opens, it takes you to another dimensions from where we all have come! and can see all the events happening anywhere in the whole cosmos!Have any one of you experiance any this sort of a thing?In the books it has been written that the world there is more clear,visible and beautiful than this one!its really very exiciting!lets have a trip to this land!have anyone of you really met any person like this?
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@scja16 (323)
• Philippines
11 Mar 10
That will be great if i will meet one. But so far I have not met any. Probably that person can see ghost as well. It is not sure how we can open it,some says it only open when we have higher understand or if we are chosen to have one. I really dont have any idea but if it will happen to me,I might get confuse and afraid of what is waiting for me to have that ability and how will it affect my normal routine.God bless
@syaryel (155)
• Malaysia
10 Mar 10
I donno what you call it...but my bestfriend can see a lots of spiritual being as well as objects in dailly basis.. and when you hangout with him for quite some time...you'll start to experience the same thing (development speed depends on your spiritual strength--so to speak)... He always be my best friend...and we share that bond since childhood..honestly, he never tell lies as far as I can remember...the most intense experience so far, seeing a golem like creature over my head and near my feet..
• Bulgaria
10 Mar 10
I don't know what scientist means, I guess that means that we can open ourselves for the Universe and to fuse with it. So that also means that we can communicate with telepathy.