Powerful Bananas

March 10, 2010 6:32pm CST
Experts say bananas are more powerful than apples in terms of health. And the key here is eating them first thing in the morning before meals. I eat them on an empty stomach, after my 3-glass water therapy. After, I do my workouts, especially my tai chi. Banana is a complete food. It's got most of the micro-nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. You may also eat them 30 minutes before meals.
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@zim1fW (286)
• Philippines
18 Apr 10
That's true. Banana has more nutritional content than apple. Like any fiber-rich fruits, banana is best eaten with empty stomach. It help cleanses your intestines and circulatory system. Just be careful with bananas only because bananas tend to stimulate gastric secretions making you feel hunger pangs. Bananas have some acidic components that caused these pangs. So it would be good to combine it with fruits that have slightly bitter (alkaline) taste such as apple, grapes, etc.
@Swaana (1208)
• India
11 Mar 10
Bananas are real source of energy. Having it early in the morning for breakfast, keeps the whole day energetic. I used to have bananas and a glass of buttermilk for lunch too at times (I was crazily dieting at that time). Check here how to store bananas : http://indianspecialrecipes.blogspot.com/2010/03/bananas-how-to-select-them-and-store.html
• Bulgaria
11 Mar 10
Probably it's good for the stomach because it prepares it for the main meal. I've read that when you don't eat anything for a couple of days /it's some kind of a diet with healing purpose/, the most appropriate food to eat first is a banana. Also I know it contains many vitamins from B group.