What is real meaning of Health ?????????????

March 10, 2010 9:38pm CST
Does health means building up body in Gym or what. I think Health means Physically and mentally fitness. What's ur suggestion !!!!!!!!!!
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• United States
11 Mar 10
Health means to do what you should do, like being active and ingaging with the enviroment. Health is both physical and mental, if you have asthma that could lead to physical sickness. Or Alzheimer such as a mental sickness
• Philippines
11 Mar 10
Health is being free from all kinds of illnesses , and this should apply from head to foot.Inside out. If you are not sick inside your body, this should show through in the outer realm. So one should smile or laugh or be active , when one is healthy. You think right and u decide right. It's everything you should feel and think. A healthy mind and a healthy body is health.
@allknowing (65014)
• India
11 Mar 10
Having the zest for living is one way to feel good health as only those who have no maladies can boast of having a zest for living. I look at it that way. Whether it is physical or mental health that spring in your step is proof that one is enjoying good health. And everything else follows - right weight, right blood pressure, right amount of cholesterol, right amount of sugar,a pair of kidneys that work well.........
• China
11 Mar 10
health is more important thing than money