Pizza Hut

@xazwa1 (23)
United States
March 10, 2010 11:52pm CST
Any one knows the full recipe, how pizza hut guys prepare veggie supreme. Tried at home once with my own recipe but ended up in a full mess :-(
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• Indonesia
11 Mar 10
I have always found Pizza Hut to be consistently good. I like dining out there. The breadsticks with the marinara sauce (some like it hot, I'm one of them) are really really appealing. The pizza sometimes is over-baked and has a little bit too much cheese, but the ingredients are solid. Pizza Hut, while not as good as Papa John's for me, is always going to satisfy my pizza craving. The fast-oood variations combined wtih Taco Bell are just a bonus. About how to prepare veggie supreme, I have no idea whatsoever. Haha..
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
11 Mar 10
The toppings that we use come from a wahrehouse. Frozzen and then we thaw and use. Making at home isn't the same as making it at the store, beceause you won't have the same ingerdents. But, you can make a halfway decent one. all you need is your favorite doah, sause and vegi toppings. a suprime from pizza hut usually includs ionuns mushrums peperoni and beaf. vegi lover, is tomato diced, olvis, black mushrooms, and pepper and onion. At home you can use what toppings you want. If you want details I can get details. I worked for them and my husband still does.