what to do when you don't know what to do

March 11, 2010 12:32am CST
have you ever been in such situations when you feel like you have a lot of things to do and when you start doing something, you don't know exactly what you are doing and you end up staring at a blank space thinking that you'll blow your mind because it's been like an hour and all you did was just... nothing. what can you say? what should you do? or again.. you just stare and... stare.. and..think.. and nothing happens....
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11 Mar 10
yes.. it's being lazy actually ^_^ because of being bombarded with details to do you don't actually know where to start.. then in the end it would become a non productive day for you ^_^
11 Mar 10
you're definitely right. I feel exactly the same especially when you have to give details about something. I just stare at my computer, trying to type something but then again I find myself in a very long pause.. and viola! hello LAZINESSSSS!!
• Philippines
11 Mar 10
when I have no idea about what to do I ask myself, "What should I do?" Have I eaten my breakfast? Are my emails checked? Should I play a game? Should I wash my clothes? very simple. I admit there are some things I can't do yet there are more other things to do.
11 Mar 10
yeah. good point there. But sometimes when you're mind is like really full or you have lots of things to, you get stuck and you'll be like stagnant for a while. Thank you :)
@daliaj (5689)
• India
11 Mar 10
Sometimes, I feel the same. This happens especially on boring weekends. During that time, I check with some of my friends to see if they are free to go out for a coffee or dinner. If not, I just be at home and sleep. Sometimes, I watch TV during that time and have some peanut candies. Peanut candies are my favorite. I also have dates or biscuits at that time.