War of Reservations..

March 11, 2010 1:00pm CST
Soniaji Gndhi, Mayawatiji, Mamataji Bnanerjee, lalu Prasad ji and Mulayamji Yadav are at loggerheads thanks to much -published , much -debated Women's Resevation Bill.For Soniaji Gndhi and the UPA, the bill is topmost priority but the other don't seem too thrilled.So before you make your desion s to who's right and who's wrong, first tell me are you in favour of any kind of reservation ..or is yes or no plz mentions your thoughts
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• India
11 Mar 10
Well i am not in favor of any kind of reservation at all.. Go go go lalu and mulayam.. I dont like reservations maybe because they dont help in any kind of way. There are people out there who need to get their staus raised that does not mean that they should be given a reservation. It means that they should be given better oppertunities in the grass root levels to improve. If the country has a strong education hub for small kid with no caste or without differentiating between male and female barrier then all of the persons in India would be brought up equal divided only by their talens not by the qutos set upon us by the government.