Would you choose friendship over love?

@mich_23 (121)
March 12, 2010 2:23am CST
What if you fall in love with a friend? Are you going to hide it because you're afraid that this is going to ruin your friendship, or are you willing to take it to the next level of being more than just a friend?
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
12 Mar 10
hi! well, I really don't know how to answer on that question, because I have asked myself many times about the same thing, what would i do if i must choose between my best friend/s and my love, but I really don't think I will ever have to do it, because if the friends are really my best ones and the girl really loves me, then they all we understand me and never put me in such a dilemma. because for me friends are something very precious and I treasure them, but love is also very important! and what will you do Mich???
@krisnel (498)
• Philippines
12 Mar 10
it depends if my friend is not committed and he feel the same way to me. if he is going to court me then ill answer him with a yes.
12 Mar 10
First, I'll make sure that he has a feeling for me too. and then I'll go for it. Tell him that I like him. But if he doesn't like me, that I'm really just a friend for him, then I'll keep the feeling for myself.
• Indonesia
12 Mar 10
I don't think u need a advice & due to my profession i don't give free advice. many people give free advice but u have to listen and/or obey them but finally u r the person who has to take the final decision since it is your life and it is given by god so don;t waste in deciding whether love or friendship live life as it comes be practical and don;t waste time since tomorrow will never be seen.
@saanjh (784)
• India
12 Mar 10
Of curse I will choose but I never get good friend, I have friend's but they are not so good they always think about there self.