What's the worst sickness that you have encountered?

@mich_23 (121)
March 12, 2010 2:28am CST
With health issues that's always a threat to our vitality, what for you is a health issue that you think you experienced worst?
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• Philippines
12 Mar 10
Hi mich, Well, the worst sickness I've encountered was being confined in the ICU because of Dengue Fever due to a mosquito bite. it brought me fever for a few days then lost some blood and I've needed to be replaced by frozen plasma. It almost killed me but thank God I survived. Second worst for me is Acute Pharyngitis that I experienced last year. It is worse than sore throat, my pharynx was inflamed and I can't eat, swallow or even talk. It is such a horrible feeling! I couldn't even swallow coz it's very painful. But thankfully, antibiotics cured and did its work so I'm healthy as ever.
• India
12 Mar 10
I thing cuff and cold because whenever i suffer from that sickness i really don't like because how much i have to suffer i only know so i really threat about the cuff an d cold.