Great Wall of China

Great wall of china - Great wall of china, the newly elected world wonder
March 12, 2010 3:30am CST
The newly elected world wonder was built along China's northern border over many centuries to keep out invading mangol tribes. Constructed between the fifth century B.C and the 16th Century, the Great wall is the world's longest human made structure,streching some 4000miles, the best known section was built aaround 200BC by the first emperor of china, Quin Shi Huang Di.
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@pierone (1895)
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12 Mar 10
Great Wall, China. I was there ;) - Great Wall, China. I was there ;) And is really amazing. You should visit it.
Then? Due you posted this into the INTERNET SURFER section, I supposed you was talking about the great wall firewall :P Anyway, I would like to tell you that the chinese GREAT WALL is not exactly a "newly elected world wonder". So probably you should upgrade your information sources ;) Have a nice time.