I invite your attention on your behavior

March 12, 2010 4:58am CST
hi, sometimes someone offend you in our daily life,how to treat with,what will you take some actions? My opinion is that there is no neccessary to quarrel with others, i can only say to him or her"i invite your attention on your behavior".when the time is gone,everything can be passed away. what is your idea? Best regards,good luck.
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• Malaysia
12 Mar 10
when someone offended me, I tend to keep quiet not because i scared but because i know i have a very bad temper. I was back stab so many time last year but i kept quiet hoping that the person who is doing this will just get tired and leave me alone. She never did...i never gave her a piece of my mind though since that will only make her crazier. sometime i see myself as being to patient but when i lost my temper, i can be the meanness person ever. anyway, my friends know me best so i don't have to defend myself...
• China
12 Mar 10
hi, thanks for your response.