is there any benefit you can get in not sleeping too much???

March 12, 2010 6:13am CST
Months have passed and I was not yet able to have a sound sleep.. a good one.. My eyes are already hitting me back and my body is like going to surrender somehow... hmmmmp but with all of these? I still find lack of sleep a pleasurable one.. You might think me crazy but I'm not. With those sleepless nights? I was able to be productive and make things out of the sun. How 'bout you?? share your thoughts ^_^
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@vherzha (223)
• India
12 Mar 10
Dear Caloyie Really I am surprised to see that you seems to be pleasurable about lack of sleep.... But according to me, If I didnt sleep well means then I can't do my regular works cleanly and also confidently... Even I can't complete my that day work without any stress... But the same time I am not a long time sleeper at the same time I must have to take atleast 8 to 9 hrs to sleep... Because this gives me very good energy and fine mood... This leads my day happily.... So I must need my regular sleep to take care of my both soul, brain and also my body (i.e) my complete health... I want to advice you that you should have to take a proper rest regularly to take care about your health too... Happy Mylotting...
12 Mar 10
ola vherzha ^_^ ^_^ I may be weird but with this? I am happy to note that I'm enjoying it on the positive side instead of getting rock on it and flame like a fire with all this stressors I'm facing. Happy that I'm positively motivated.. That's why i lovey lovey it ^_^ Seize the day ^_^
@daliaj (5689)
• India
19 Mar 10
I don't think there is a point in not sleeping too much, if you like to sleep. I used to make fun of my room mate who likes to sleep and sleep till afternoon during weekends. She was mad at me one day and explained the sitaution to me. She likes to sleep. She sleeps a lot doesn't mean that she is not doing her work and sleeping. I like to shop and go for shopping every weekend. Similarly, she likes to sleep and sleeps a lot every weekend.