Greatest Screamer in Rock!!!? (not screramo music in general)

March 12, 2010 7:42am CST
I am a huge fan of a rock singer screaming. I dont mean like Slipknot, but I mean like David Coverdale or Robert Plant or Ian Gillan type of screaming...when they do Anyway, my favourite singer of all time is David Coverdale, and yes he can hit some fabulous notes. But when it comes to the scream, when it comes to High notes, and although he cant do it like he used to, when I heared Made in Japan from 1972 and singing Child in Time, I shook, with the intensity and high pitch that Ian Gillan reached when playing with Deep Purple at the time. As mentioned, my favourite singer is DC, but thta was one hell of a performance.... Search for Deep Purple Made in Japan - Child of Time (1972) What about you?
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12 Mar 10
Robert Plant, the guy is the most amazing vocalist, even after all these years the guy really ROCKS
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