We all know we are going to Die "THEN WHY WE STRUGGLE TO LIVE".

March 12, 2010 9:34am CST
We all know that we are going to die then why we put our whole in a struggle to live. I don't understand why we do all sort of thing to live as finally we are going to die as no one can live till infinity' We work so much hard to earn but at the end this money is not going to save us form dieing so why we run for money?.
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@yresh12 (3222)
• Philippines
13 Mar 10
We were born for a purpose as what I always and will always be saying. Why not do the things that makes us happy. We know that we have an expiration date. Before that date comes, you would be proud of yourself and say I have lived through my purpose. I have followed a life that should have been expected from me. Dying is such a scary thing but don't make it a hindrance for you to do anything... Goodluck!
• Singapore
12 Mar 10
At the end,we are still going to die and noone can resist it since we're just human but people still try their best when they're still alive because everyone wants to live a proper life and then they won't have to regret anythings when they are going to leave this world!