What you think the 3D Television, will be a huge sucess or a big flop ?

@nunoasl (166)
March 12, 2010 2:17pm CST
I think will be a 'mind blowing' in people entertaiment (tvs shows, movies and games). Will be for sure a huge sucess.
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• India
16 Mar 10
3 D cinema was not a big success. People were soon tired of it. The soon realized it is not worth it. The craze for 3D television too will soon fizzle out and people would opt for clearer images rather than 3D images.
@nunoasl (166)
• Portugal
16 Mar 10
good comment. Perhaps will happening that...but i dont mind to have a 3dtv in my home. :) My opinion were based on the stunning visuals created by the 3D televison. Like somenone say 'to be a good film isnt necessary to have stunning visuals effects' - F.F.Coppola
• Philippines
16 May 10
if its on television and if watch at home then i guess some people will appreciate it, we saw it while we went to the mall and it gives me headache unless you wear the eye glasses or whatever it called, and i guess that people will tired using it as i dont feel comfortable with it, besides its too small compare to the cinema that you will really appreciate, i guess 3D television is good only if you watch movie in it but if just a local show or ordinary show then its still the same, as 3D will only be appreciated based on the kind of movie lie if theres some sort of flying and etc. so i still prefer the ordinary but flat television as i can move my eyes and face whenever i want without worrying the eye glasses im wearing.
@shubhamv (152)
• India
15 May 10
There are 2 scenarios for such thing!! 1. people may like it as it is a totally new technology and will be a big success among the Youth!! 2. People get crazy for new technology but they soon lose interest in them!! So, it's hard to say about it's success right now!!