What is the medicine advocated by the Doctor on diabetes?

March 12, 2010 9:34pm CST
This question has been in my mind for quite sometime and I would like to air the experience I had with my wife who is suffering with diabetes for the last many years.My wife used to put more sugar in coffee, and used to tell her to reduce the sugar in coffee. She used make petty quarrel on that issue. Later on when we found that she is suffering from diabetes she realized that what I said is for her goodness only. After it is found that she was advocated certain medicine for some years and then few years ago she was advocated to use Insulin. So, she stared insulin we spend amount INR 1500 for the injection pen and about INR 800 to 1000 per month for Insulin.It went on some years.At that time she used to feel tired soon and she used to carry more amount water whenever she goes out even for walking a few kilometers. Then we shifted our residence from one place to another. There one our neighbor was recommending a Doctor for this ailments. After a long thought and very long time she went to the Doctor, immediately the doctor told us to stop the Insulin and advocated to continue other medicine but some other Doctor advised to continue with Insulin and not to stop it. We were worried on that and some how we made up our mind and Mywife stopped the insulin injection. It was a great surprise for us, yes she is now more healthy than those days.Now she does not carry water at all for her walking, she does not get tired soon, she does more work at home and above all our expenditure on medicine INR 3000 becomes within INR 1000 per month. We are happy now, Shall we find good Doctor like him? share your views and this may be helpful to many not only to our Mylotters but many who viewers of Mylot.
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• Singapore
18 Mar 10
I am glad you met a good doctor :) My opinion is that most doctors (especially those in big hospitals) follow a certain treatment options and give certain prescriptions according to standard "book rules" given to them by the hospital. This is to prevent mistakes and for purposes of control. It can be good in a certain sense, but... What they do is they read your symptoms and give the prescriptions. Unfortunately, not all symptoms have the same causes. And certain prescriptions may not take into account the other conditions prevalent in certain patients. Let me share a recent example... My dad used to be diabetic for a period of time but he was just diagnosed with kidney failure three months ago. It seems like diabetes do eventually lead to kidney disorder if not treated carefully. So, my dad was hospitalized for 2 months. The doctors "sentenced" him to life time dialysis. Our heart almost dropped. Not wanting to just resign to the fate of dialysis, we began a very intensive search for a solution. We tried to find answers everywhere. We managed to find out information about stem cells. You know, stem cells can be converted into all kinds of cells for replacement and repair purposes (even kidney cells). So we talked to the doctor about it... he would not even let us finish our sentence, he said, "According to our knowledge, there is no hope". In the process, we did manage to find something that has helped turn around diabetes. And the good news is that the diabetic patient need not remain diabetic all his/her life if we will just feed the body the right stuff :)
• India
18 Mar 10
In my wife case also ,many Doctor informed us that she got to be dependent on insulin cartridge and the quantity to inject insulin gets increased .At that point of time, when this Doctor informed us to stop the injection and advocated only tablets for diabetes ,actually we were worried. Also, the Doctor told me that I am not working for money, I work for my internal satisfaction of my mind. When she was taking Injection insulin she used to get all sort of problem of health. Because of the wrong prescription of Doctor I got to spend lot of money too.Will the Doctors already rich realizes this? At last I found a Good Doctor. I feel it is God's Grace. We are very happy on this, not only money is saved but also health improved. I wish all should find a good Doctor to treat them well.