does this happen to u?!

@khalida (1130)
March 12, 2010 10:26pm CST
hey! i had such great plans for the weekend but now the PM is comin to chennai due to which they'l be heavy traffic and all my plans will get altered or might even get cancelled!! one makes plans, gets exited and then plan fails!! i hate that! does this happen to u? wat do u do!?
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
13 Mar 10
hi! well, yes it happens to from time to time, and I really get mad when it happens, just like you. well, i have never had a problem with the traffic or something like that because I don't have a car, but the weather wrecks my plans the mostly, when I have some plans for the weekend for example to meet my friends, and the weather is cool and then suddenly on Friday evening, the clouds cover the sky and it begins raining. Ohh, how i hate when that happens. or for example, when I have to meet my friends and someone calls me and tells me, that I must do something urgent that also can drives me nuts :)
@timhinyy (1653)
• United States
13 Mar 10
things like that happen all the time you make plans to do something and something unexpected happens like living here a bad snowstorm that can ruin a lot of plans to go do something. If we get a heavy amount of rain that can damper some weekend plans too. We are planning to go out to eat tomorrow night and we may not go if the weather is too bad, cause i don't think my dad is too crazy about going out to eat in the pouring rain wouldn't be as much fun. We can only make our plans and hope for the best and if we have to change our plans and do it on another day that is just what we will have to do and the nice thing is most of the time that isn't a big deal as long as we still get to do what we had planned and for our dinner out we have a few days to go do it just in case tomorrow doesn't work out.
• India
13 Mar 10
Hi khalida, yes this happens with me too, and I think it should be because whenever we make a plan we are exited about that when it goes fail, our mind and heart are not ready to accept this so we get disturb, I prefer to make some new plans in this kind of situation to take care of my mood because once if your mood is disturbed all things seem very unfavorable, unpleasant and uninterested, so you should move your attention towards other side. thanks