What is CCScript ?

November 15, 2006 10:03pm CST
What is CCScript ?
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@huanghaozi (1474)
• Egypt
12 Feb 07
Ccscript - General purpose class extensible embedded script engine. A general purpose class extensible embedded script engine for near real-time state-event driven and threaded applications. This engine offers deterministic step execution from callback event handlers and memory core image substitution for optimized performance without downtime. This engine is used in the GNU telephony server (Bayonne) and in the TOSI project.
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@Eisenherz (2911)
• Portugal
28 Jan 07
Scripting languages (commonly called scripting programming languages or script languages) are computer programming languages that are typically interpreted and can be typed directly from a keyboard. Thus, scripts are often distinguished from programs, because programs are converted permanently into binary executable files (i.e., zeros and ones) before they are run. Scripts remain in their original form and are interpreted command-by-command each time they are run.[1][2] Scripts were created to shorten the traditional edit-compile-link-run process. The name 'script' is derived from the written script of the performing arts, in which dialog is set down to be interpreted by actors and actresses--the programs. Early script languages were often called batch languages or job control languages. Scripting languages can also be compiled, but because interpreters are simpler to write than compilers, they are interpreted more often than they are compiled. The term scripting language is not technical, though embedding and dependence on a larger system are usually criteria. In computer games, scripts extend game logic, tailoring the game engine to particular game data. Scripts also make applications programmable from within, so that repetitive tasks can be quickly automated. Of course, not every scripting system that grows beyond its original design and delegation acquires a new name. Full-blown in-game languages such as UnrealScript exist, and JavaScript is a very influential standard, supported by virtually every browser on the market.
@lorenzzo (275)
• Romania
27 Nov 06
GNU ccScript is a C++ class framework for creating a virtual machine execution system for use with and as a scripting/assembler language for state-transition driven realtime systems. The most common example of this is as the core of the scripting engine found in GNU Bayonne. GNU ccScript uses a class hierarchy and one extends the ScriptInterp base class to create a new dialect localized for a given applications. One then binds script keywords to method calls in the derived class. This aspect of GNU ccScript resembles in C++ the process of how one might localize tcl. GNU ccScript is intended for use where step execution is important, and where each step is in response to a callback event or a state machine transition. It offers deterministic execution and low overhead so that many concurrent instances can be running together. GNU ccScript can execute text files which form the basis of a script language. However, in addition to offering step machine execution, GNU ccScript loads all scripts into an active image at once. This is for performance, as all operations in the script system, to assure deterministic execution, are in memory. GNU ccScript also offers the ability to load new scripts in-mass. Existing active sessions operate on the currently loaded scripts, and new sessions are offered the new script. When the last active session on an old script set completes, the entire script set is flushed from memory. This enables one to operate scripted servers like GNU Bayonne without downtime to rebuild script images in memory.