should we make friends with someone who have the completely different interests

March 13, 2010 2:45am CST
friends is indispensable in our daily life, should we make friends with someone who have different interest and personalities with us?why?thank you for joining and sharing ,i will be happy to receive your feedback,thanks in advance,lol
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
20 Jun 10
Well friends can have different interests but have to respect other interests and expect nothing.
@Porcospino (18405)
• Denmark
13 Apr 10
When my friends and I have the same interests we are able to do things together, and that it is nice, on the other hand it is also nice to learn something new. When my friends and I have different interests we can learn from eachother, and sometimes my friends have invited to things that I wouldn't have thought of if I had been alone, that way I have learned new things and I think that is great. If my friends and I only had the same interests I would miss out on the chance to learn new things and I think that would be a little boring.
13 Apr 10
I think its great having friends with different interests, if you only had friends who were interested in the same things as you then you would never really find any new interests, say for example that you had a friend who invited you to do something you had never done, and you enjoyed it, think about everything you would miss out by only having friends who are the same as you. And its great having people around who have different opinons as when you ask their advice you get all different ideas.
@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
21 Mar 10
We should make friends because of the person and not because of their likes and dislikes. We would be making friends with them first before we know their interests anyway. When we have known them for their strengths as well as their faults, then I think maybe we can decide if we still want to keep them as friends or we would drop them. It wouldnt be nice to just drop friends because of their interests unless it would be harmful to us, them, and the other people around us. As a general rule of thumb though, it's always nice to make friends and to always make new friends, regardless of what they like or dont like. That's just me anyways.^_^
@Mike4me (567)
• Philippines
13 Mar 10
Of course, friends are not usually people we choose right? Friends normally are people with different kinds of interests and likes, different attitudes and stuff. Well that is for me, I don't choose friends, I just like sharing ideas and likes to other people and if we share common interests then good but if not, that is good as well.
@amjadmacs (467)
• France
13 Mar 10
If you ask my personal views on that, I am say SURE WHY NOT? The reason is that , if you have friends with same interest its very good. But you have friends with different interests because you'll learnt a lot from them. Like in my university I have loads of friends with different interest and they are my friends. So I enjoy their company plus get so much information regarding different things. Example: I am interested in technology stuff and one of my friend is interested in cars. I am no interest in cars and he have no interest in technology things like games , computers and geeky stuff. So when we talk, we share information. He tells me about cars and stuff. In response I share information regarding my interests. So having friendship it doesn't matter about interest. If they are good friends they are worthy while to have friendship with them...