Are you a quick learner?

United States
March 13, 2010 3:24pm CST
are you a quicker learner than others an if so do you think only certain people are blessed with the ability is this a power that takes place on the left side of your brain or is it just a quicker reaction to the imformation that is being sent to your brain?
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• Spain
11 Jun 10
Its just a quicker reaction,memory tricks are very useful for this stuff. but it all depends on an individuals capacity of learning
• India
17 Apr 10
Depends on the subject i am trying to learn. I can do well in certain subjects but not so well in others. But there are people who can do learn something quickly.Some of my friends are like that.
• Brazil
21 Mar 10
Well, it depends. Somethings I am, somethings I do not. If is something that interest me and I dedicate myself to learn it, I do. If is something that I need to learn, but I don't like it, I do not.
@bwaybaby (904)
• United States
13 Mar 10
I can learn some information more quickly than other information, if that makes sense. Math, music, history, game theory, and science I tend to learn quickly. Art and dance is much more difficult for me. I think some people are just better learning different subjects than others. Those who you may think are quite smart might just be playing their strengths.