what laptop cooler you are using?

@kialele (126)
United States
March 13, 2010 4:17pm CST
I have been using 3 different laptop cool pad, but none of them are really good. They are working fine in the beginning, but then getting noisy or not that effective. How about you?
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@user_786 (1338)
16 Mar 10
i dont use any. why do you use it. laptop is ok without it. these are just a wastage of money and laptops dont really need any cool pad
@kialele (126)
• United States
17 Mar 10
I don't think so. The problem is not just because it will be overheat, sometimes the hot flow of air inside the laptop will induce a harsh noise. It is really common problem of laptop. I don't know how you use it. But I need to bring it to my LAB and which is really quite room, the noise is so significant without cooler pad.
@fattymc (140)
15 Mar 10
I have a Belkin cooling pad. What you say is true, they are fine in the beginning and then they begin to lose their value, but mine still works fine. It just needs the occasional dusting, which is the cause of the noise. For efficiensy, it is consistent. USB powered.
@dr9rim (247)
• Australia
14 Mar 10
that is a very good question kialele. i am having the same problem as you. dust have accumulated inside my old laptop and now overheats quite easily. it is annoying and i dont tend to send the old laptop for servicing since i now own a new one. i bought a cheap cool pad (unknown brand) and that was a waste of money. accumulation of dust is a huge issue for laptops so i hope my new dell will not have the same problem as the old one. maybe i'll go for the antec cooler this time. costs just a little more but it looks promising
@clipsal (160)
• Malaysia
14 Mar 10
Antec Unbeatable 200. This is my personal choice for the most effective laptop cooler I have ever experienced, when based purely on cooling ability. and one of the best in regards to adaptability. The 'Unbeatable' features two large ball bearing fans, and comes with a three year warranty - a mark of it's strong construction. The Antec is aimed at gamers, and quite rightly, as it is probably the best around for lap comfort; many other coolers are for use on flat surfaces or tables. There is however one area which the Antec Unbeatable really falls down, and that is the loss of a USB port, as it doesn't provide any extra USB ports to make up for the one that you lose; therefore you should be confident that you have a spare port after your iPod, printers, etc are taken into consideration. You are paying a premium for this quality and the 3 year warranty however, with the Antec being one of the more expensive coolers on the market.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
13 Mar 10
I don't use a cooling pad, because of how I position it it has space to vent. But, if you are having trouble I could suggest a few things you can do. Carefully use a straw to help clean out any dust that may be in it. Incressed noise usually is the result of dust particals getting into and resting on fan blades which is the primary way those pads "cool" the machines. So, try and keep it cleaned off making sure of course its turned off, unplugged, and if nesscery batteries removed.