Did I see a dog in the laundry mat?

United States
March 13, 2010 9:38pm CST
Yes I did! While I was at the laundry mat doing my laundry mat today I saw a dog in the laundry! It was a Weimaraner! A young couple came with the dog,with no collar or leash! While they loaded their washer the dog,Pluto I found out, roamed the laundry mat! The owner of the laundry mat wasn't around and the dog didn't really bother anyone. Then the couple left and the dog went with them and I haven't seem them again! When you think you have seem everything something comes along to say that saying again!
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• United States
20 Mar 10
Lol. That is awesome and it sounds like a very well trained dog. It reminds me of the time I had to walk up town to the electric company to have our electric transferred. I had taken my dog Shadow (now deceased from old age)with me for protection as the previous landlord's wife had been causing problems. When we got to the electric company, I found out there was no where to tie my dog.. I was dismayed, but had faith my dog would not run off. I told him to lay down and stay and went inside, feeling slightly nervous, but praying he would be all right. The line was long, but about five to ten minutes later, more patrons walked in, all talking about my dog, saying how well behaved he was, that most dogs would just run off if left unsecured. A police officer walked in and inquired of the dog, wanting to know whose it was. I was worried, but admitted to owning the dog and asked if he was causing any trouble. The officer told me no, that my dog was well behaved compared to most dogs. It was very pleasing to hear such praise since I spent a lot of time training him. He was a very smart dog and extremely loyal. Too bad my other dogs, Shadow Jr and Keisha are not like that. Shadow Jr has a mental disability that requires medication to keep him focused, and Keisha behaves cat like with training. Despite training her for about ten years.. I will likely never have a dog like Shadow. Just thinking about him makes me feel sad he's gone.