The Dead Rabbits.......

@celticeagle (119325)
Boise, Idaho
March 14, 2010 3:00am CST
Have you seen The Gangs Of New York? I think this is one of the best movies ever made. It is the story of vengous and blood letting. The story of New York in the mid 1800's when Irish imigrants were installing themselves there and people were living as best they could and alot of them in tribes/gangs. I know it is gorey and discustingly explicit but it tells the story as I can imagine those people lived it. I am very proud of my Irish heritage and my family could very well have been a part of this fight. Are you proud of your heritage? Do you know where it all began for your family? Do you appreciate movies like this that make it come home to you? I found the last two minutes of the movie the most poignant and memerable. The main character makes comment to the fact that many will never even know they existed or what happened there. The blood and guts and gore are all well worth it. Yes, the Gates of Hell but what misery to The Five Points and beyond are what made our country what it is today. Are you patriot and understanding of what went down to make our country what it is today? Would you fight for it again if you had to?
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