Permanently healing a knee tendonitis (specially the chronic ones)

@sinois (139)
March 14, 2010 5:39am CST
I'm suffering from knee tendinitis for more than 4 years now, i've tried every possible known methods to remove the pain and get back to normal activity, i'm a martial artist and volleyball player so if you are like me, annoyed not being able to practice what they like to the fullest, here is what i've found so far by using myself as a test subject for more than a year now. To start with forget about the ice and stop taking those pills (you know what i'm talking about! those who when you stop taking the pain kicks back in again!). Also gets your hand on a book that will teach you MING MASSAGE techniques, you are going to use that a lot, apply heat not cold! use cold only if during the first 48 hours of the injury (well for me that would be 4 years back) its been six month since i'm using this special blend of therapies, i know i'm not making much sense, i'm going to numerate the steps and where i stand. 1. apply heat, its helps blood to circulate and starts the healing process! cold will just slow the flood flow and the pain but later on you know the pain will be back. 2. Drink a lot of water, between 2.5 to 3 L a day , don't sip! drink a glass every 2 hours or so, after 4 days you'll notice a change in you pain level! i guarantee that! 3. Don't get exicted about starting the rehab too soon! this is dangerous specially for stubborn people like me! yes me and you. 4. Lets say after 2 weeks ,begin using you book (MING massage) and start the exercises slowly hold the stretches like it shows you) don't start the strengthening yet, you can do that after 2 months of stretching. 5. Be smart! how old are you? whats 8 months of boring exercises in a life time compared to constant pain in the knee for your whole life! 6.keep track of the pain level! 7. don't forget eccentric exercises, the best one is the one leg squat on a sloped board. Right now am at the stretching stage and i can tell you that my pain is at 1 or sometimes 0 but dont let that fool you, strengthening is important if you want to get back to your sports, every month i will keep you updated on my progress! i'll post another topic on all the things i've used so far and that didn't work. Anyone is suffering from the same condition , please share your experience, together we can permanently get back from this awful condition.
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