Girl kids always with fathers - True Reason!

March 14, 2010 12:35pm CST
Friends, Was thinking for a while on this topic, girls always enjoys and be with dad always and that is true in 90% of the cases, most of girls kids enjoys father's company. Why so was my genuinue thought and and then realised, its nature game altogether. Father is the first man who the girl sees in her life.Always he is his hero till she grows! Further more, dad careles one level up the girl kids rather than boys.I completely agree to this on personal friend and dad of two little angels. Further reasons could be!
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• Philippines
14 Mar 10
its called Oedipus complex, when girls during their early years spends more time with their dads and they idolize their dads. It is a common human behavior. I was a daddy's girl my whole life. My dad was my first playmate, my friend, my comforter and encourager, I could not imagine my life without my dad not being there when I was growing up. A lot of things I have learned I learn from my dad. The values he instilled in me is deeply ingrained in my being. My dad loved me yet he never tolerated any wrong doing, he disciplined me. The bond between father and daughter is very beautiful, one that you cherish your whole life. My dad passed away a year ago but he is very much alive in me and I am never without him because I have him in my heart.
• India
14 Mar 10
Am very sorry for the your dad's dismise but absolutely a great truth. Appreciate the true emotional outflow of facts. Cheers and keep your dad's thought alive for rest of your life.