Taking For-Credit Classes Online, Think I Goofed! Has This Happened to You?

United States
March 14, 2010 6:50pm CST
Last year, I went back to school to learn MS 2007 and take some business classes. So far, I've been a solid "C" because I've had to work and take care of home as well. I skipped last fall because a series of events would have made it near impossible. If I were to skip Spring, then I would lose seniority in choosing classes. Anyway, I ended up taking Business Law though I had my heart set on Business English and Communications. I figured it would be informative if nothing else since I don't seek work in the legal profession. After reading the first few pages, my head was like 'Ouch'. Though I got the jist of it after the second reading, it was like jumping into 6ft of water as a way to learn how to swim (I know some say this is the best way to learn swimming but it's also why some become afraid to get in water). Right now, my plate is pretty full. Besides writing freelance, I have a p/t merchandising job, do volunteer editing for a non-profit. Honestly, I want to finish what I started (certificate in Business) but am pretty satisfied just writing, running business and doing admin/accounting support as a job. Have you been in a situation where you felt you should do something but then realized that it's silly to try to fix something that's not broken?
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