Are you afraid of getting older?

March 14, 2010 7:30pm CST
Hey guys, I hope you have a great and blessed day. I'm just curious if some of us are afraid to accept the fact that we're getting older. For those who are not afraid, can you share with us what are the things that we can do/try to overcome this feeling.
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• United States
15 Mar 10
No. I've never been afraid of getting older. I take care of my mom 3 or 4 days out of the week, spend the weekends with her and all, cause she can't cook or get anything to eat alot of the time. She can, but it's an effort and so I help as much as I can. She has one doctor appt after another. I take her to all of them, so I see what she's having to go through, and I see what I'm going to be faced with in the future. It's very sad to see someone go thru this.
@scja16 (323)
• Philippines
15 Mar 10
I guess, somewhat afraid maybe because of my current status. There are lot of things that I wish to accomplish and the more we get older the lesser chance we can accomplish our dreams. Well I believed that almost all of us dont want to get old but thats how life is. It is a cycle that we need to undergo with, a process that everyone cant run from. It think its much better for us to be prepared and start working on our dreams rather being afraid of getting old. God bless
@hisoka147 (606)
• Philippines
15 Mar 10
Try to learn or accept the true fact that everything gets old and there's no one or thing that remains to be forever new or young. You can simply prove this to yourself by looking at your mirror and compare your pictures when you're young. There's nothing to fear about getting old because it's only normal and a part of being a human. People who are afraid of getting old are only those who does not believe in God where they think that this physical world is the only place where they could live happily. Remember that the year 2012 is already fast approaching and you really don't have to worry about getting old.