asking questions about making money is not useful ,right

@vikeyme (109)
March 15, 2010 12:37am CST
if we want to make more money ,we should just do it ,and not ask all the time ,if your have good ideas and just don't act ,is not meaningful at all .in fact in our heart we have known how to make money,sometimes we just are lazy ,do you agree with me
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• United States
16 Apr 10
yes, i totally agree with you completely. i think that everyone should try to find their own way of earning online. after so many people asking for ways to earn online, it gets quite annoying especially when those people that expect help are no help with sharing other ways to earn online.
@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
19 Mar 10
Eagles fly while ducks quack. :)
• China
15 Mar 10
I'v no idear.Sometime I want to make more money ,but no chance.Now I want to chang a job,this is what I think,I will do you think I can make more money?