How can you save more in planning to have your dream house?

United States
March 15, 2010 2:48am CST
Now a days, so many housing and condo units arise to have an easy living. In this kind of living, would you rather buy a lot and make your dream house or purchase a ready made house? Would you rather live in a condo located in the heart of a City or to have a relaxing home far from the city.
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@hofferp (4739)
• United States
20 Mar 10
In 1994, I bought a 5-acre lot out of the city, up against the mountains overlooking the city. Ten years later, I built my house on that 5 acres. I planned to do it this way, and I did it. I designed the house, served as general contractor in building the house and actually did much of the work myself, such as tiling, painting, trim work, landscaping, etc. I finished most of the house and moved in 2005. I've still got a little landscaping to do before I can say I'm finished.
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
15 Mar 10
Ideally I'd like to have both! But of course it's not that easy to have to two of your dream houses at the same time so I'll probably make it happen one at a time. First I'd like the buy the ready made condo unit first. Why? Because it's cheaper, is ready-made (assuming it's ready for moving in), has good access to places I always go to, and condos are usually for small families or people living together. So that's it. While paying for it, I'll take the time to personally create a customized design of my other dream house. Probably a bungalow , well I don't know yet. But it should be build on a piece of land, my own lot, and located in the suburbs. Hmmm, oh yeah and the house should be able to accommodate a bigger family, thinking that my family would also grow in time. So to answer your question, how do I save money? Make it to a point that 20% of my personal money goes to the bank every month. It's not much, but I'll be getting help from my dad when time comes. He promised me that.