what would do if you think you are right???

March 15, 2010 4:26am CST
hello! what would you do in my situation? i feel really bad right now. for my part of the argument, i have already asked for forgiveness. but my husband thinks that everything is all about me. all the wrongs i have done. he thinks that i don't respect him. i think he doesn't love me. alright, we are not really bad together. we can be really happy. we have really great times. but somehow, there are times when both our fuses just light up. most of the time, it is my fuse that lights up first. i have so many things going on in my mind and hands. and my body sometimes could not handle the pressure--work, baby, being a wife, a friend, finances, etc. yup, i handle all these. i am the breadwinner. so i have to balance everything. all these get to me at times. no matter how i try to be patient, i end up really cranky a lot of times. oh God knows how hard i try to be the temperate wife, but i really lose my patience. sigh..
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@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
5 Apr 10
..hi.. I am undergoing the same issue as you have.. only, we are okay with my husband.. I'm also the breadwinner and when I go home, I still take care of some household chores.. and there are times most especially when I'm tired that I get upset when I go home and so many chores haven't been done.. I would question my husband of what he did for the whole day.. I feel bad when I go to work and then I still have to take care of everything when I go home.. I would just like my husband to help me also like cooking and the other chores.. because if we look at it closely, he is only overseeing our baby and he has lots of time doing the household chores when our baby is asleep.. most of the time, when I go home, my husband is also asleep.. that's why I do understand your feelings.. and its just right that we sit down with our husband sometimes and explain to them what we wanted or what we expects from them.. after all, marriage means oneness and oneness means sharing with everything - burden, difficulties, happiness, etc..
@marketing07 (6266)
• South Korea
15 Mar 10
hi.we cannot avoid this kind of matter as a housewife..but some husband cannot really understand our feelings...i do a lot of sacrifices in ou marriage life..we have a sweet and sour moments..but sometimes we have to set down and explain both of your likes and dislikes and why things happening to your marriage life..im sure everythings will work out fine..
• Indonesia
15 Mar 10
We've been there... I mean my wife and me. We've had our disagreements, sometimes lead to harsh words and fights. But one day I finally have it figured out, at least for now. That day I asked her to sit down, I refuse to talk while standing, believing that would put us both in aggressive stance, and then we talked. Even though the screaming still echoes, and she left the house feeling wanted to kill me, LOL, I ended the night with dignity. And we're OK now, expecting a baby anytime soon also. :) Peace, Love, and Friendship.