Move to New Zeland is a good deal?

March 15, 2010 3:35pm CST
Hi, I live in Brazil, I have to say I'm not very happy living here, since last year I've been thinking to move to another country, I had Canada on my mind. But a few days ago I realized that I have the opportunity to move to New Zeland, since my cousin's boyfrind live there and she's near to go live with him. I think that maybe, if I ask, she can take me with her. But by doing so, I'm forced to quit college and family to stary a new life. I know, as you can see, my english is very poor, but that's not a big problem, my main concern is how is the life on New Zeland, and if there's opportunities for foreign people. If you know New Zeland, please help me to decide. Thanks.
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