I need some movie recommendations

@olisaur (1932)
United States
March 15, 2010 4:31pm CST
I am a big fan of movies by Quentin Tarantino. It all started when I was 10 or 11, and my best friend and I snuck into the movie theater to see Kill Bill (vol. 1). At the time, I had no idea who Quentin Tarantino was, or what the movie was about. I was just utterly fascinated by the movie- it's style was so unique. A couple years later, I saw Pulp Fiction and last year I saw Inglorius B*sterds. That "Jew Hunter" character might be one of my favorite movie villains ever- I'm so glad Christoph Waltz won so many awards for playing that guy. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could recommend movies that are similar to Quentin Tarantino's stuff or similar to Fight Club?
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@nicolec (2673)
• United States
18 Mar 10
Quentin Tarantino has a very unique style and there aren't too many directors like him. I really enjoyed the Kill Bill movies, not just for the story line but for some fantastic cinematography work. Have you seen Momento yet? It's put together just like Pulp Fiction. So you might like that. I suggest you give it a try. Happy watching!
• United States
16 Mar 10
First, Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite movie directors ever. I'm assuming you've seen Kill Bill 2. lol So, Quentin movies to definitely see .. Pulp Fiction and From Dusk Til Dawn. He has also collaborated on some movies that are worth seeing .. Sin City, Hostel, Deathproof .. just to mention a few. I would also recommend watching anything by Martin Scorcese .. The Departed and Shutter Island are both great movies you would most likely love.
• Spain
15 Mar 10
I recommend "martyrs" is a scary flick... Nothing like other scary movies out there... is a foreign french film... All I can tell you that when it was release ambulances where siting outside the theater.
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
15 Mar 10
i like Tarantino flicks myself...EXCEPT I didnt really care too much for the Kill Bill movies...dont know why though...Havent seen Inglorious B@stards yet but plan to soon...Some of my favs are slightly off the wall movies like Videodrome, EXistence, Naked Lunch etc..Fight Club is one of my favs too..Have you seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? thats a great movie...I guess it would be easier to knwo what genere you like...Obviously action but what else?