Favorite Movie Type?

United States
March 15, 2010 5:07pm CST
Do you like Action, Horror, Drama, etc.? My favorite is Action and Drama, not a big fan of horror though.
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• Philippines
18 Mar 10
I watched horror movies very rarely and I'm into martial art/action kind of movies. I hate comedy and romantic movies but I still watch. I love the actors maybe.
• United States
16 Mar 10
My favorite movie types are comedy, thriller, and romance. A bit of everything at once is one of my favorites though, because I can watch 1 movie, and get all my favorite genres. lol
@myl0t1 (346)
• Indonesia
16 Mar 10
Hi gogierm4ge, My favorite movies are Action and comedy genre. i watch my favorite movies in spend time and in holiday, i don't like much watch movies in theater i like watch at home in my laptop. this is interesting because sometimes i interrupt (pause) it and do another thing and play back. if movies have good quality i always watch more than one time. Regards.
@fattymc (140)
16 Mar 10
I like action filled with horror. It's amazing, the horror creates suspense, while action creates some tension in the viewer. It's just mind-blowing. Drama is not my type because when they "dramatize" it's just to obvious, they take it to a whole new level. Comedy, I don't enjoy because I can get that from friends.
@slovenc1 (2091)
• Slovenia
15 Mar 10
Nothing beats a good comedy but i also like action and war movies. I find most horror movies boring but there were a few that were actually good.
@pcserver (395)
15 Mar 10
My favourite movie genre is horror and comedy. And when they are mixed together I just love it. I really enjoy watching bloody and scary movies because I want to see bad things happening, but not in real life. I hope no such things happen to me or anybody else, but I enjoy seeing something more different than everyday life and trivial round, so I watch those movies with some kind of rapture. Comedies carry me off to another world where there are no worries or bad things happening, so I adore them, too. One of my favourites is the movie 50 first days, because it is not only hilarious and charming, but the worries exist and make the movie sad and funny at the same time. I recommend it and after seeing it you'll see what I meant.