Nature-one of the God's names?

March 15, 2010 5:25pm CST
Have you ever asked yourself "what is exactly God?"Is it real or not?Does it exist? Today I'll show you my notion of God. In my opinion there is a God.Its name is "Nature"-the only thing that cannot be controlled by people. Many years ago, in the dawn of the humanity when people had no knowledge of anything,the unnatural power(God)was born.How? It's very simply.. The fact that the prehistoric people were "brainless" made it easy. Lets speak with patterns: -Every time prehistoric person saw lights coming from the sky(LIGHTNINGS) or heard loud noise(THUNDERS),considered that it was unnatural,very strange and dangerous.Although they were trying to explain to their self "what was that?" they just couldn't...(It's hard to find answers without experience and information sources). So here are the the first signs of imagination.I mean the drawings on the rocks(found in many caves),the offerings,the totems and etc. Drawings-through them,prehistoric people were giving a shape of God. Offerings-because of their fear of the unknown,prehistoric people were offering animals in the name of the Lord. Totems-supplies/symbols with "magical" power. Otherwise I strongly don't believe in the Holy Bible.I think that it is a tool for mass control over the human minds. More arguments-later.
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