Has anyone ever used a registry cleaner?

United States
March 15, 2010 7:44pm CST
Recently my computer has been seeming pretty slow, like when I start a program, it takes about 30 seconds to start up when back in the day when I first got my computer the same programs would open instantaneously. So I try to not be a completely dumb computer user. lol. I've used Adaware and Spybot but they both came up clean. Someone I work with told me I should try a registry cleaner. They explained to me what the registry is but I got kind of confused. I think it just holds important files and settings or something. So I was reading about registry cleaners ( http://www.best-registry-cleaners-reviewed.com/ ) but I'm kind of confused and I've also heard that you can mess up some things by changing stuff in the registry, so are registry cleaners save to use? Does anyone have any tips for using one? Thanks!
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• United Kingdom
16 Mar 10
Yes, by going into the registry you can really prevent your computer from starting if you change anything and you do not know what you are doing. However, I use a registry cleaner and it's a really good product and it is also free. The website for this is www.ccleaner.com I use this daily and I do a quick scan to see that everything is ok. This product removes any invalid registry entries that are no longer needed. I would recommend you download and use this on your system. I like the fact that it also gives you the option to back up your registry before removing anything so if a mistake is made for example you can then restore the registry entries to their original locations within the registry. Good luck with this and ccleaner is definitely the product I would recommend to you. Andrew
@zearah (5289)
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
Thanks for the information.I need this one.Hope it will work well in my PC and be able to give a satisfactory results after application.
@woheri (88)
• Indonesia
23 Nov 11
Many factors could make your pc be so slow. Virusses, junk files, small ram, little hd, not united of your files, too many install softwares.. I can recommend you use this software :Ccleaner,avast,fregmention tools, eboost, anti exe, etc. Try to find other tips in the internet. You surely can do it.
22 Nov 11
I've used a registry cleaner and I really liked it. http://registrycleanerdeal.com
@cupkitties (7500)
• United States
16 Mar 10
You need to back up your system first so if something does happen it can be reversed. Not just for registry cleaning too but virus and spyware scanners are not always accurate about what belongs and what doesn't. I use Ccleaner and the registry cleaner that comes with my Virus protection and have no problems.
@___SKY___ (542)
• Hong Kong
16 Mar 10
Hi there.. Im using Ccleaner for a long time and also this is freeawre. My tips are: Clean your registry using this cleaner at least once a week or even twice, depends on how you use your computer. Also do defrag your system using built from Microsoft or aulogistic, this is also freeware. Delete all cookies and temporary files in computer. These are the basic to prevent running as a turtle lol. I hope this can help your problem.. Have A nice day..
@clipsal (160)
• Malaysia
16 Mar 10
I've used many registry cleaners. RegCure seems to be one of the best, but last week I found the best and it's free Ccleaner. So far, I've had enough confidence (or stupidity) to just let it do it's thing. It cleans out all the junk files as well as the registry. Using any of the others, my computer has always gained a little speed, but since using Ccleaner, it is running just as fast as when it was new.
@dr9rim (247)
• Australia
16 Mar 10
registry cleaner that i use is called RegCleanr. i cant remember when i downloaded it but i have been using it over 2 years. i think it is one of the freeware ones. the thing about using a registry cleaner is always know what you're deleting from the registry. if the cleaner program automates the cleaning process, dont rely on it 100%. not that it does not work, but you don't want it to delete registry entries of programs that you still need. if that happens, you'll have to find which program in your computer is affected (corrupted) and re-install them. so in short, be sure to read what the registry cleaner program is about to delete. i know there will be hundreds of entries but better to be safe.
• United States
16 Mar 10
I had the same issue and went down the same road you have. Here are some tips I found on my little "journey to a faster PC" (ha, ha!!): There are tons of Registry Cleaners out there, and they tend to get a little pricey. However, I'm not too rich so I looked for Freeware and found some really good ones. Here are a few totally Free registry cleaners- AML Free Registry Cleaner; CCleaner; Free Registry Fix; my fav- Advanced System Care (IObit software). Advanced System Care fixed a lot of things the others missed. Plus, it has additional options no other freeware offered (Disk Cleaner, Defrag, Registry Defrag- which also help speed up PCs as well). One more little thing to remember... When you're looking for a free Registry Cleaner, you'll see some that offer free scans but they DO NOT FIX problems until you pay for the software. Of course they don't say that up front; tricky!