The Dog -Men's best friend? not for everyone!Animal Exploitation

reality - Humans cruelty
March 15, 2010 8:50pm CST
Thousands of dogs may have died today.Perhaps they were electrocuted, or they might,have met their end the traditional way, by hanging. They would have ended up as dog meat, which people throughout Korea still eat. Restaurants are everywhere for that purpose, even though eating dog meat is supposed to be illegal....Dogs have feelings they are our best friend..haw can they do this? What do you think about this? I start cry every time i look at the pictures were they are torture them..:( this is not normal..Humans are the animals..
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@swise1 (15)
• United States
16 Mar 10
Personally i think it is horrible and cruel even if its Korea. But i just thought, we eat deer and cows, is that cruel. In k\Korea i think they eat monkey and whatever other meat, i want to become a vegetarian, but its kinda hard for me not to have a piece of me every so often, my body just does not function. Yes killing innocent animals seems cruel, but thats Korea's way of living and God and all his men ate fish. There is not much of a difference in it. In America dogs are pets, so i it different for us some people are dumb and do illegally eat them.