taking time to relax and enjoy a couple of good songs.

@swise1 (15)
United States
March 15, 2010 9:05pm CST
Music has always calmed me or helped out with something wrong, its just been my favorite thing to do. Sitting and listening to music or even dancing. i generally like going to see the artist live somewhere near where i live. Music gets stress off for a little bit and basically sooths me. I can be with my friend or girlfriend, and we can be talking, a song i like come song and i just start to tap the beat. I am a drummer and partially a singer, i just love music and i one day wish do become a famous drummer. So tell me how music works for you and in what ways.
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@MimiRemo (420)
• Philippines
16 Mar 10
Yep, music is some form of therapy. When we listen to a genre that we like, or hear a familiar song that we love, it soothes our negative thoughts and feelings for some time, so it makes us feel good.
@BART78 (2932)
• Canada
16 Mar 10
awhile a go i got pissed of with my dad over the phone, i just listen some few some in live365.com i already forgot what happened and it brings back my mood to work back to my project...