how is your boss?

@LisaGuo (242)
March 16, 2010 2:22am CST
She's my second boss,though she comes to offices several times a year.But she owns the whole company.And so many people work for her. I'm working in i&e department,and do the foreign trading.At the end of 2010,my colleague got year award,except me.The reason is I'm working for the external market... God,who can understand.As a leader,I can't agree with her.How do you think.I even want to give up this job because of so unfairness...
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@xiangd (63)
• China
16 Mar 10
oh,tell you a secreat ,My leader like a monster,if your make a mistake even a micro mistake in working,you will get a storm scoding from her, like that from parents to kid,or teacher to students. maybe beacause I work in the government department and my job is related to money closely. So don't think that it's easy to work in the government and there is no easy job in the world. And tell you a another secreat ,that I've not be afraid of my leader's scolding beacause I have used to her. and i like my job now ,so maybe you should know how to used to others and your job.This just my personal view.