why money is everything in this world?

March 16, 2010 6:36am CST
hi friends i want to discuss something with you all please tell me that why money is everything in this world now? please friend can you answer me, now a days whenever i am looking my surrounding i can get that all are trapped in money. whenever i am sharing my points with my neighbours they all come to this topic they tell me that money is everything in this world. i had many examples of this money. many friends of me are also trapped in this case, why this money is playing so imporat role in this life. i had read one very good article on this it was "money can buy food but not apetite, money can buy books but not knowledge...." i am very agree with this article what you think, is money is everything in this world? please my friends i am waiting for you all, reply with your beautifull comments. have a nice day and god bless you all.
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@SQD444 (679)
• India
20 Mar 10
hi there... like some else told money is every thing... yeah right... but money can get you everything if u have the right amount at the right time and know how to use it...
• India
30 Apr 10
hello friend and thanks for your response also i want to tell you that i am agree with you that money can usefull in many ways but not in all ways also can you tell me why people are underestimating others when they get big amount of money?\ please reply soon and have a nice day and god bless us.
@dependent (131)
• China
16 Mar 10
actually money isnot everything. but without money u r nothing.no money no house ,nofood ,no book. how can u promote ur knowledge without books and teachers which cost a lot? how can u live without food even u have appetite…… so what do u feel? even u feel what i say is disgusting but lets feel the reality, that is the life, life is so cruel?
• India
16 Mar 10
hello friend thanks for sharing your feeling with me. i want to tell you that i didnt said that money is nothing i said that money is not every thing. because of this money greed people are killing each others even they are having blood relation. i know that it is impossible without money in this world now but we are human beings we all have to live with good manners with other people so that they will not get any harmness from us. if we will live and killing others for ourself then what is difference between us and animal? please reply soon, your friend. have a nice day and god bless you.
• Bangladesh
23 Apr 10
Hey brother, Money is an essential tool to live our life. We can't forward a single step without money. Money makes our life easier to live. Just think for a moment that you've lost all money and you can't support and take care of your loved ones like parents, brothers, sisters etc., won't you be sad. We can't money as food or as knowledge, but we can purchase their source. If we want to live happily in this world, we'll be needing money. In ancient times, the Faqirs and Dervishes used to earn as little money as they could to support their livelihood. We are no comparable to them. In this world of today, we can't do without money. Have a nice day.