March 16, 2010 8:00pm CST
friendship is indispensable to people life. a man with our friends is an angel without wings,whose life will suffer in the long lerance of loneliness and depression. Friendship is the mother of our psyche,who will warm her kid when hurt occurs.we have much to share with our friends in life perplexity to maintain a genuine friendship. it takes many special qualities to make a friend. understanding should come first.only when we get a better understanding of each other can we gain an authentic and meaningful friendship.we may find our hobbies of common interest.This feeling of affinity gets us closer and closer. It also takes a special kind of love that seems to know no end.Never hesitate to show your heartfelt care and kindness to your friend when he is in trouble.Love is not selfish. love is endowed by God that we should treasure all our life.
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