Think creatively to be more motivated!How much you use your imagination?

March 17, 2010 7:05am CST
Are you a person who can think and act only on what you sees reality, a time without seeing in perspective, without seeing more, more in depth, without being able to be a little dreamy, not in the sense of poetry, in meaning imagination that makes us more creative, more tolerant, why not....more smart? Here's what it means to have a creative thinking. To remove yourself temporarily from the problem specific data you wish to solve, to return later on it and watch it from another angle, in this way, you make time to find "other ways" to address the problem. To consider that for every problem there are a large number of solutions, with strange but possible solutions, with both more likely to find an optimal solution. Even if an idea You seem at first quite unsuited to the task, no reject, keep it as a variant, because it may inspire you later, When the image appears in your mind while you're thinking of solving the problem, you know are not random, may be interesting to figure out what he wants to tell each image. Avoid criticism any new idea. Train your imagination with questions like "What if ..?". Develop your imagination and you will open new horizons and gradually you start to live life everyday in a different way. It is important to avoid weighing too fast that your ideas come to mind, because you risk you get stuck.
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@freymind (1352)
• Philippines
17 Nov 10
sometimes i feel creative on doing some projects and it turns great. but there are times that i can't even use my imagination and end up wasting to much effort in one thing. it becomes bothersome sometimes and i just give up. only to think of it again after a few hours and getting the motivation i need...